Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Retro Poster

Step 1

Start a new document at a size of 1900x1200. Click here to download this textured background picture and place it in to the picture and put the Opacity to 40%.

Download and place texture background

Step 2

Create new layer and fill with yellow and set the layer to Soft Light and Opacity to 30%

Adding Alittle Colour

Step 3

Create new layer and set the foreground colour to #9d640a and select brush I have selected this brush but if you dont have that brush just choose one which adds a little texture.

Choose Brush

Now draw around a little and set the layer to Multiply and Opacity of 70%. You should have something like below.

Drawing And Blending

Step 4

Ok create a new document and click on the marquee and select the rectangular and do as the image below is.

Marquee Tool

Step 5

Create new layer and set the background on your colour palet to what ever colour you like... I have set it to 7d8d72, now press Ctrl and backspace.

Adding Colour To The Shape

Step 6

Now duplicate layer and move it 10 notches to the right and then goto Layer/Layer Style/Colour overlay and set the colour to what colour you would like to have. Now do this again for another 4 times untill you get something like the picture below.

Duplicating and adding colours

Step 7

Now select background layer and click on magic Eraser tool and delete white background.

Erasing Background

Step 8

Now select the shape layer and goto Edit/Define Pattern and save it.

Define Your Pattern

Step 9

Now go back to your original document and create a new layer and click on the paint bucket tool and at the top left of the page set it to pattern and fill the page. You will have to erase the over lapping pattern fill so that you get an image like this

Adding Your Defined Pattern

Step 10

Now press Ctrl and T and resize it to the image below

Resizing Pattern

Step 11

Create a new layer and follow step 9.

Step 12

Now press Ctrl T and then right click on it and click Perspective and get is like the image below. Keep it a little below the other pattern like I have.

Create Perspective on your pattern

Step 13

Zoom in so that the middle of the page is big. Now select the pen tool and do as shown below.

Using Your Pen Tool

Step 14

Create new layer and call it middle1. Now with the pen tool still selected goto the pattern you have just created and right click and select make selection and feather 0. Set the background on the colour pallet as the colour you have chosen for that pattern and press Ctrl and backspace. You may have to arase alittle to make it perfect.

Filling The Pen Tool

Step 15

Now create a new layer and call it middle2 and copy the rest of step 14, do this untill you have finished and have an image as below. Then merge all middle layers, top and bottome pattern layer.

Finishing The Middle

Step 16

Click here I purchased this picture and got the pen tool and went round the people and cut them out. I then went to Filter/Artistic and selected Colourd Pencil and placed it onto my image like so.

Inserting Istockphpoto Image

Step 17

Now duplicate layer and press Ctrl T and goto Edit/Free Transform/Flip Horizontal and then rotate like shown.

Flipping And Rotating

Step 18

Now goto Layer/Layer Style/Colour Overlay and fill in black. Set the layer Opacity to 50% and goto Filter/Blur/Caussian Blur and Radius to 8.5

Making The Shadow

Step 19

Create new layer and pick a colour and brush of your choice to make foot steps like the picture below. Dont forget to make foot steps bigger as they get closer.

Adding Foot Steps

Final Step

Click Here and download this textured background and then place it above all layers. Set the Opacity to 50%. Ive then added text and then all is done.

A Retro Poster Tutorial: Final Result