Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Creating a Golf Ball

We will start off with a blank canvas with a black background. Create a New Layer and make a circle marquee selection the size of your golf ball. TIP: Hold SHIFT when drawing a circle with the Elliptical marquee tool to make it a perfect circle:

Creating a Golf Ball image 1

Next, fill in the selection with White, on the new layer we just created. Then open up a new document, relatively small, around 25x25px, and then draw a small black circle on a transparent background:

Creating a Golf Ball image 2

Now press Ctrl+A to Select All and goto Edit > Define Pattern. Give it a name if you want, and click Ok. Now let's go back to our golf ball document and double-click the layer we created to bring up the layer styles. Click on Pattern Overlay and choose the pattern we just created:

Creating a Golf Ball image 3

We are probably going to want to resize our pattern, so use the slider for Scale to adjust. When you're satisfied, click Ok. Now create a new layer and drag it beneath our golf ball layer, then choose the golf ball layer and press Ctrl+E (Merge Down). This will merge the two layers and apply the Layer Styles. next, we want to goto Edit > Transform > Rotate, and rotate 45°, like so: (TIP: If you hold down Shift whilst rotating, you can snap to 15° increments).

Creating a Golf Ball image 4

Now we make sure that the golf ball is still the selection, and then we goto Filter > Distort > Spherize. We will keep the default settings and should get something like this:

Creating a Golf Ball image 5

Making sure we still have the same selection, choose the Gradient tool and then we want the colors to be White and Black. Also reduce the opacity to 50% or so, and we want a Radial gradient. We are going to create a gradient from the center of the ball (White), to the edge (Black). We should have something like this:

Creating a Golf Ball image 6

Now we will want to press Ctrl+A to select all, and press Ctrl+Shift+C to Copy Merged, which will copy the whole document and layers, then goto the Channels tab and add a new one. Then we will paste into the new Channel. Then go back to Layers and click the golf ball layer to select it, then goto Filter > Render > Lighting Effects. And using the Channel we just created, we will do something like this:

Creating a Golf Ball image 7

Creating a Golf Ball image 8

It might look a little dark right now, but we can fix it by going to Image > Adjustments > Levels. Mose the sliders to play around with the image and see what works for you. We come out with this:

Creating a Golf Ball image 9

Notice the edges are a bit sharp. We will add some Layer Styles to finish this off. You can play around with the Layer Styles, but for this example, I used a Inner Shadow, Color Overlay, and Gradient Overlay. Inner Shadow had Distance of 10, and a Size of 32; Gradient Overlay was Radial and had a Blend Mode of Hard Light and a scale of 134%. You should experiment with these values.

Creating a Golf Ball Tutorial: Final Result