Monday, January 12, 2009

Learn to Place Objects in the Glass

Open the image of a jar

image 1

And pencils :

image 2

Place the pencil layer over the jar as shown :

image 3

With pencil layer selected, make a selection as shown :

image 4

Press control+x to cut and control+v to paste the layer. Adjust the layer in such a way that it look as its a single pencil layer.

image 5

Change the layer mode of new layer to Soft Light :

image 6

Click on the original pencil layer to activate it again. Select the portion of the jar, but keeping the pencil layer activated.

image 7

Press control+x :

image 8

Control+v :

image 9

Now, go to filter>Liquify or press shift+control+x from the keyboard. Select Warp Tool image 10 , set the brush size according to the layer size. Slightly move the Warp Brush to the right side. We are doing this to have a reflection effect in the glass:

image 11

image 12

Finally, change this layer's layer mode to Soft Light too. You have successfully placed pencils in the jar :)

Learn to Place Objects in the Glass Tutorial: Final Result