Monday, January 12, 2009

Glass Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a glass object from a photo

1. First find a photo with an interesting object in it. I got this from

image 1

2. Copy the object from the photo and place it on a new layer

image 2

3. Hide layer one by clicking the eye next to the layer. Name the new layer object and duplicate it by pressing control + J

image 3

4. Hide the object layer, click object copy and rename it edges.

Make a new layer and fill it with a gradient from gray (B0AAAA) to black (000000) fill it with noise set to 2

image 4

Drag the gradient layer below the object layer

image 5

5. Click the edges layer, go to filter >>stylize>>find edges

image 6

6. Invert the edges layer by pressing control + I, desaturate (image>>adjustment>>desaturate) and set blending mode to screen

image 7

7. Make a new layer, control and click the edges layer to get the outline (marching Ants) . On the new layer fill it with blue (00AEEF) set the fill to 5% (more if you need it) so it looks like this

image 8

8. Make another new layer and control and Click the edges layer (same as step 7). On the new layer fill it with black (000000).

Name this layer shadow

Control + T on the shadow layer, right click and select distort. Drag the black object down to create a shadow - set the opacity to 50%, Gaussian Blur 9 pixels
Drag the shadow layer below the object layer but above the gradient layer

image 9

9. Make a new layer

Press D then X on the keyboard

Control click the edges layer - on the new layer trace a line of white down one edge on the object

Add a large white spot further down from the line

Set opacity to 50%

Gaussian Blur 9 pixels

image 10

10. Finally add a 1 pixel blur to the edges layer to remove any sharp unwanted parts

image 11

extra ideas.....

If you want you can place something behind the object to give it a bit of perspective smudge any large amounts of lines you feel doesn't fit into the picture. Rollover image to see how its changes

Glass Tutorial: Final Result