Thursday, September 17, 2009

creative studio layout

Thing you need for this tutorial:

Please click on the following links, right click on the image, and choose “Save image as”

1. Background image
2. Logo Image
3. Header image

Create a new document with the following size: 960 x900 pixels.
Open the background.jpg and header.jpg images in Photoshop and go to Edit > Define Pattern. You will create two patterns which you will use in this tutorial.
After you have the two patterns ready you can close the images, and you will need to select Paint Bucket Tool. Be sure you have the right pattern selected


Click one time inside the document. Your document will be filled with this nice wood texture.


Create a new layer (press on CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N), and then with Rectangular Marquee Tool create a selection with the following size:


960 pixels is the width of the document, and the 178 pixel value is the height of the header.jpg image. This is my selection


Grab Paint Bucket Tool, and choose the other pattern you just created from the heade.jpg image. Press one time inside your selection, and then press on CTRL+D to deselect


Create a new layer (press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N) and with Brush Tool (select a smooth round brush) add some drawings


Change the blending mode for this layer to Soft Light. This is my result.


Open the logo.jpg image inside this document, and place it like in the following image


Duplicate these images one time (select the layer and then press on CTRL+J to duplicate). Move the duplicated image to the right side of the layout, and then press on CTRL+T. With Move Tool change the look of the shape by moving the anchor points


Here we will place some icons. These icons will be available tomorrow on Grafpedia


Please note: the blending mode for these layers are changed to multiply.
In the middle of the layout I will place some round shapes. I will use the Ellipse Tool to create them.


For all these round shapes I will add the following layer styles.



Click on the following image to see the full size layout


I will fill these shapes with some images from my latest VIP packages


I will select Rounded Rectangle Tool, and I will create a shape under these circles. I will use the following color: #fff3dc


I will right click on the layer and I will choose Rasterize layer


I will select Elliptical Marquee Tool, and I will create a small selection like in the following image


Press on Delete on your keyboard. Move the selection to the right several times and repeat the steps. This is what I am trying to achieve. A sort of spiral notebook paper


I will go to Edit > Transform > Warp and I will move the bottom right corner to the middle of the shape


Warp tool is available from version CS2 of Photoshop. For this shape please a drop shadow


This is the result


Select Line Tool, and draw some horizontal lines. When you select Line Tool be sure you have the line weight set to 1 pixel.


Select all line layers and then press on CTRL+E (this action will merge all the layers into a single one)
Change the blending mode to Luminosity, and the opacity value to 20 %.


Select Eraser Tool, and with a grunge brush delete some parts of the lines. You can find some good brushes loaded with Photoshop (Faux Finish brushes). This is my result so far


I will create some buttons on the top of the layout. The buttons was made using Rounded Rectangle Tool. Then I will cut the bottom part of the shape. This is very simple task, and I am
sure any novice Photoshop user can complete this step alone. In case you have trouble please let me know.


I will write now some text with Horizontal Type Tool. Please click on the following image to see the full size layout.


My last step is to create some arrows near the slide show. I will use Custom shape tool, and I will choose an Arrow from the default set of custom shapes. I will add a simple layer style
with a gradient and a 1 pixel stroke.


This is my final result. Please click on the following image to see the full size layout