Friday, July 3, 2009

Create cloud brushes in Photoshop

tutorial isn't very interesting and fun, but it's a necessary step we need to take in order to add clouds to our designs. Wheather you want to simply beutify a boring cloudless sky or create a nebula in space, this is a good way to do it. I will teach you how to create, configure and save brushes for later use. In my other tutorials wherever there's a need for clouds, you will find a link to this guide so create these brushes and save them once to have them in your collection.

Creating and saving brushes

To create a brush, open the brushes engine by pressing Window > Brushes in the main menu. A brushes engine window will appear with lots of settings for a selected brush. Make sure you have a brush tool img/ps_tool_brush.jpg from the
tools palette selected, because the brushes engine will not be active with some other tools. Creating a brush is simply a matter of copying the settings that will be posted below. Once the settings are defined, you can save the brush by pressing the new brush button img/ps_btn_smallnew.jpg in the bottom of the brushes window.

Clouds brush # 1


Clouds brush # 2


Clouds brush # 3



When you save the brushes, you can later pick them from the brushes list. To draw the clouds, pick the brush and draw with a 100% opaque white color. Here's a sample result: