Thursday, April 30, 2009

dynamic beard brush

This is a funny tutorial in which you will use a dynamic beard brush in order to add hear to a human face.

First, find the image of the person you are going to grow a moustache to.

Open a new document (150×150px and white background).

Choose black as the main color.

With ((Pencil Tool)), 1px, draw lines like the ones shown in the image below.

Then go to ((Edit))-((Define Brush preset)), name it and save it.

Go to the original image and, from ((Brush Tool)), select the brush you just saved.

Go to menu ((Window))-((Brushes)) and enter he following values.

((Shape Dinamics)).

((Color Dynamics)).

((Other Dynamics)).

Create a ((New Layer)).

Select ((Brush Tool)) vary the brush size between 10 and 25px, depending on the beard you want to create. It’s all about trying, having fun, and getting the desired results.

You can try changing the layer style to ((Multiply)).

Let me show you my results: