Friday, March 20, 2009

Magic effect

Final Effect

Step 1

Take a New file (500×500 pix).Set background color to be black.

Step 2

Insert New blank layer. Then go to Tools Panel. Select brush tool .Increase Brush size to 500 pix .Then Create a spot in blank layer.

Step 3

For Gradient effect ,right click on layer >select blending options .Click on Gradient overlay . Under it click on gradient >change colors
as you like .For me, I am going to use purple and Light Bermuda Blue color. After that click ok for closing both windows (Gradient editor and layer style).

Step 4

Insert New blank Layer .In this layer we will make smoke effect. For that Go to filters > Render>Clouds. Then set the blending mode of the layer .Change it normal to Overlay .

Step 5

Next, Create abstract lines . For that ,create new black layer > select brush tool > change size of it for 4 pix. Then change the foreground color to be white .Then select pen tool > draw abstract line on blank layer .Select all lines using a Direct selection tool .After that right click on it. And select stroke path . click ok .Then press delete for removing the path of lines.

Step 6

Now we have to put some magic sparkle glitter. For that create new blank layer > go to brush tool > set size to 5 pixels . Go to Brush panel >checked scattering option. >Come back to blank layer and draw sparkles on the abstract lines .

Step 7

Our next step is to give glowing effect for sparkles and abstract lines . For that select lines layer > right click on it > select blending options > apply outer glow effect. >Under blend mode > change screen to color Dodge >and then click ok.

Step 8

Now for apply same layer style to sparkle layer right click on it > select copy layer style and go to sparkle layer >right click and click on paste layer style .

Step 9

For giving feel, we need to add some text into it . For that I Put “magic ” using a text tool and apply same glow effect of sparkles layer.