Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sharpening with High Pass Filter

There are several ways of making an image sharper. The one we show here is best suitted for images with a lot of pronounced tonal boundaries. The method includes the use of a filter and layers in Photoshop. It's quick and easy.

Here is the original image that lacks sharpness a little:

image 1

Step 1. Duplicate Layer

image 2

Step 2. Go to Filters> Other> High Pass and set Radius to 1,5 (you can shift this to either side to suite your image best).

The resulted grey mass instead of the image shouldn't make you upset.

image 3

Step 3. Set Blending mode to Soft Light (or Hard Light for even more sharpness) and you have your image back in a more sharpened state.

Sharpening with High Pass Filter Tutorial: Final Result