Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Selective Color

Step 1. We load our photo in to Photoshop. Then go to Image/Adjustments/Selective Color.

image 1

image 2

Step 2. In the Selective Color Palette we see a few options.

Color - This select box is used to pick which color you want to adjust in the photo.
(Reds, Yellows, Greens, Cyans, Blues, Magentas, Whites, Neutrals, and Blacks)

Sliders - These allow you to add or subtract 4 different colors within a certain color.
(Cyan Magentas Yellow Black)

image 3

Step 3. Just going thought the drop down of colors and adding and subtracting the 4 colors on the slider to give you a brighter or duller color to your photo.

image 4

The black color selection makes good for removing color out of shadows.

image 5

And my end result. Pretty Simple but effective process.

Selective Color Tutorial: Final Result

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.